Zillie the Circus Freak

Alley Bucci   ·  ISBN 9780994256577
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Publisher Ebook Alchemy PTY Ltd
Author(s) Alley Bucci
Published 03012015
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Ever heard the expression "life's a circus"? Well, for Zillie it literally is!

Zillie isn't sure what she can expect from this town when her family rolls in and settles for their next circus season, but she's excited and full of anticipation on her first day of school at Brookevale College. Until her first run in with Princess Holly, that is. Perfect, poised, pouty, pretty, prissy Princess Holly, who makes it her mission to humiliate Zillie 'the circus freak' at every chance she gets.

And she gets a few!

Will Zillie survive the attack of a thousand wings?
What on earth is her new friend Violet's space clearing spray?
How does Bradley Peters, the spunkiest guy in class, even know she exists, let alone want her to be a friend?
Why does Bradley like Zillie's zany family so much?
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