You Forgot the Sauce

G. S. Willmott   ·  ISBN 9781925280371
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Publisher Ebook Alchemy PTY Ltd
Author(s) G. S. Willmott
Published 04272015
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Garry Willmott will donate ten per cent of all royalties from the sales of both the paperback and e-book to an appropriate charity supporting dementia research. Donations will be distributed to the country where the sales originated from.

This story brings life the anguish of those people, young and old, suffering the consequences of Alzheimer's disease. It is a story that illuminates many factual aspects of the nature of this illness while fictionally bringing us into the lives of those transformed by its devastating effects.
The author has created sympathetic and credible characters whose plights we share as they confront the ways in which this tragic illness affects not only those directly stricken but also their close relatives and friends.
The carefully constructed narrative shows vividly how the disease can strike anyone: Rob, a successful young medical researcher with a promising career; his mother, a respected lawyer with a life of achievement, and all those within their immediate orbit are changed utterly by the onset of this disease.
There are many subsidiary contemporary elements introduced by the engaging narrative. Gay relationships, for example, are represented positively and respectfully so that we see gay couples living faithful, loving and socially acceptable lives.
The author also implies some of the dangers inherent in placing too much faith in the contemporary (and often exploitative) trent to online relationships.
There are tragedies and triumphs in this tight and suspenseful narrative. It is an 'emotional roller-coaster', both poignant and uplifting. It is also a compelling read.

Two gentlemen were sharing a house together after both their wives had died; both suffered dementia. One of them, Harry, asked his housemate Frank if he wanted anything up at the shops.
"Why would I bother Harry? You'll forget by the time you get out the back door."
"No, don't be silly, of course I'll remember. I'm feeling good today."
"Ok, do you know those ice-creams that have a chocolate flake sticking out of it?"
"Well I want one of them."
"Ok, done."
"What did I ask for?"
"You want one of those ice-creams that have a chocolate flake sticking out of it."
"Seeing you remembered that, I want hundreds and thousands sprinkled over the whole lot. Oh forget it, you'll never remember."
"I will, I promise."
Harry left the house to walk the one kilometre to the shops; three hours later he returned and plonked a brown paper bag down on the kitchen table.
"There's your pie."
Frank looked inside the bag.
"For god's sake, you forgot the sauce!"
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