Visual Research Methods

Gregory C. Stanczak   ·  ISBN 9781483389387
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Publisher SAGE Publications, Inc. (US)
Author(s) Gregory C. Stanczak
Published 03282007
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Visual Research Methods: Image, Society, and Representation addresses the growing question in social research of how to critically incorporate visual data and visual methodologies in ways that expand and enhance the researcher′s repertoire for understanding and teaching about the social world. Editor Gregory C. Stanczak crisscrosses disciplines in ways that highlight the multiple manifestations of this newer interdisciplinary trend. Beyond methodological interests, the rich diversity of subject matter provides this volume′s pedagogical punch. Key Features Provides a valuable framework for classroom use and comparative analysis: Organized around three themes in visual research—methodology, epistemological reflection, and theoretical contribution of images Addresses a wide range of topics: Original and reprinted works by leading qualitative researchers from various fields, including Sociology, Education, Political Science, Religion, History, and Gender Studies Offers a roadmap to common issues and topics: Reader′s guide connects different chapters to different conceptual themes and methodological approaches Presents vivid visual data: Methodologies go beyond photography alone and include video and virtual research Intended Audience: This is an excellent text for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in social research across disciplines such as Sociology, Education, Cultural Studies, Anthropology, American Studies, Communications, Gender Studies, and Political Science.Vi
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