The Turning Tide

CM Lance   ·  ISBN 9781743438138
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Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd
Author(s) CM Lance
Published 07232014
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When Mike Whalen revisits his former commando training grounds at rugged, beautiful Wilsons Promontory, he's shocked by a chance meeting with the granddaughter of his glamorous old friends, Helen and Johnny.

When Johnny died in the Pacific War, Mike was left with a burden of buried secrets. And as he's drawn back into the life of Helen's family, Mike finds himself overwhelmed by the past, from growing up in melting-pot Broome to tragic guerilla missions in Timor, desire in post-war Hiroshima and betrayal in the jazzy fifties.

Before Mike can turn the bitter tides of memory and have any hope of happiness, he must rebuild his bonds with wartime mates, face his long-held guilt, and finally confront Helen - and himself - with the truth.

From Broome to the Prom via war in the Pacific, this is a powerful saga of mateship, adventure, betrayal and passion.
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