The Modern Hospital

Rifat Latifi · ISBN 9783030013943
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Publisher Springer Nature
Author(s) Rifat Latifi
Published 01142019
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The rapidly growing developments in medicine and science in the last few decades has evoked a greater need for modern institutions, with modern medicine, advanced technologies, and cutting edge research. Today, the modern hospital is a highly competitive, multibillion dollar industry that plays a large role in our healthcare systems. Far different from older institutions, modern hospitals juggle the dynamics of running a business that proves financially fruitful and sustainable, with maintaining and staying ahead of medical developments and offering the best possible patient care.  This comprehensive book  explores all aspects of the inner workings of a modern hospital, from research and technology driven treatment and patient centered care, to the organizational, functional, architectural, and ergonomic aspects of the business.  The text is organized into three parts. The first part covers a number of important aspects of the modern hospital including hospital transformation over the centuries, the new medical world order, overall concept, academic mission and economics of new healthcare. Additionally, experts in the field address issues such as modern design functionally and creating an environment that is ergonomically friendly, technologically advanced, and easy to navigate for both worker and patient. Other topics covered include, the role of genomics and nano-technologies, controversies that come with introducing new technologies, the world-wide pharmaceutical industry, electronic medical health records, informatics, and quality of patient care.   Part II addresses nine specific elements of modernization of the hospital that deal with high acuity, life and death situations, and complex medical and surgical diseases. These chapters cover the organization of new emergency departments, trauma room, hybrid operating rooms, intensive care units, radiology, pharmaceutical and nutritional support, and most essential, patient and public relation services. These nine elements reflect the most important and most visible indicators of modernization and transformation of the hospital.  Part III examines and highlights the team approach as a crucial component of the transformation, as well as specific perspectives on the modern hospital from nurses, physicians, surgeons and administrators. Finally, a chapter dedicated to patient perspective is also presented.  The Modern Hospital provides an all-inclusive review of the hospital industry. It will serve as a valuable resource for administrators, clinicians, surgeons, nurses, and researchers. All chapters will be written by practicing experts in their fields and  include the most up-to-date scientific and clinical information.  
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