The Go-To Guide for Engineering Curricula, Grades 6-8

Cary I. Sneider   ·  ISBN 9781483386348
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Publisher SAGE Publications, Inc. (US)
Author(s) Cary I. Sneider
Published 11252014
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How to engineer change in your middle school science classroom With the implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards, your students won’t just be scientists—they’ll be engineers. But that doesn’t mean you need to reinvent the wheel. Respected science educator Cary Sneider has done the groundwork for you, collecting a full range of time-tested curriculum materials to seamlessly weave engineering and technology concepts into your math and science lessons. In this volume, you’ll find descriptions of instructional materials specifically created for—and tested in—middle school science classrooms. Features include A handy table that takes you straight to the chapters most relevant to your needs In-depth commentaries and illustrative examples that demystify engineering curricula at the middle school level A vivid picture of what each curriculum looks like in the classroom, the learning goals it accomplishes, and how it helps address the NGSS More information on the integration of engineering and technology into 21st-century science classrooms—and why it will make a difference  One of the most well-respected science educators in the country, Cary Sneider was an NGSS Writing Team Leader and is an associate research professor at Portland State University.  "This publication uses hands-on explorations that impact students by getting them to think like an engineer. It′s also great for exploring the engineering world through experiences using science and engineering, and for the actual doing of science and engineering using the design process." —Kendall Starkweather, Executive Director International Technology Education Association "This book will help you engage your students in grade-level engineering activities. All you need to do is pick it up and get ready to implement it in your classroom." —Jo Ann Vasquez, Vice President Educational Practice for Helios Education Foundation
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