The Fibromyalgia Healing Diet NE

Christine Craggs-Hinton   ·  ISBN 9781847093509
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Publisher Faber Factory
Author(s) Christine Craggs-Hinton
Published 11202014
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Treatment for fibromyalgia has progressed in leaps and bounds over the past 10 years as recognition of the condition increases. FM is now the second or third most common diagnosis made by British rheumatologists, and was listed as one of the three most common diagnoses in a survey of Canadian rheumatologists. It is probably more common than these figures suggest. It's now recognised that symptoms can be greatly improved by proper management. This book is packed with information about the best medications and self-help therapies available, with a strong focus on improving symptoms, including pain and aching muscles, fatigue and poor sleep, IBS, joint stiffness, headaches and migraine, urinary frequency, dizziness, sensitivity and cognitive problems. Other topics include: neurological dysfunctions in fibromyalgia how to reduce stiffness and fatigue coping with other problems such as addressing anxiety, depression and stress how exercise can help pacing and relaxation a healthy diet, including intolerances, allergies and supplements natural remedies
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