The Collected Stories of Pinchas Goldhar

Pinchas Goldhar   ·  ISBN 9781925281446
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Publisher Ebook Alchemy PTY Ltd
Author(s) Pinchas Goldhar
Published 10012016
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A collection of stories by Australia's most significant Yiddish writer translated into English, some never before published. Goldhar was the literary voice of his generation, as well as a leading cultural and social commentator. This new collection will ensure that this wonderful writer is not forgotten.

Pinchas Goldhar (1901-1947) arrived in Australia in 1926, escaping growing anti-Semitism in Poland. Here he laid the foundations of the now substantial literature on Jews in this country. He wrote short stories about Polish Jewish immigrants and, despite the fact that he wrote in Yiddish, his work made a deep impression on Australian writers and critics through English translations. He wrote of the tensions, trials and mental agony of lonely migrants uprooted from their former homes trying to adjust themselves to life in a new world.
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