The Cambridge Companion to To The Lighthouse

Allison Pease   ·  ISBN 9781316189344
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Publisher Cambridge University Press
Author(s) Allison Pease
Published 12292014
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To The Lighthouse is one of the most important of Virginia Woolf's modernist achievements. Written by leading international scholars of Woolf and modernism, this Companion to To The Lighthouse will be of interest to students and scholars alike. Individual chapters explore the biographical and textual genesis of the novel; its narrative perspectives and use of form; its thematic and formal attention to time and space; and its representations of feminism and gender as well as generational change, race, and class. Complete with a chapter on the novel's critical history, a chronology, and a guide to further reading, this volume synthesizes To The Lighthouse's major ideas and formal innovations while also summarizing and advancing critical debate.
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