Text Structures From Fairy Tales

Gretchen Bernabei; Judi Reimer   ·  ISBN 9781544371900
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Publisher SAGE Publications, Inc. (US)
Author(s) Gretchen Bernabei; Judi Reimer
Published 12282018
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Standardized tests and college essay prompts demand that students produce quality analytical writing about abstract concepts. But how do you actually teach this kind of writing? Award-winning authors Gretchen Bernabei and Judi Reimer make it easy and fun. This book includes 35 engaging lessons that give students just the focused practice they need to craft effective, analytical writing for any situation.  Centered on classic fairy tales and designed for students of all ages, each lesson includes a writing prompt accompanied by a planning framework. Students write a truism, select or create a text structure, and write a kernel essay that serves as scaffolding for a detailed rhetorical piece. With practice, students move from depending on teacher guidance to becoming autonomous analytical writers. The teacher-friendly layout and built-in flexibility of the book empower you to  Use each fairy tale lesson for reading, for writing, or for both  Cluster lessons around a particular literacy concept or use each as a standalone lesson  Pair fairy tales thematically with other readings  Customize the text structure options to meet the needs of your individual students  Encourage students to create their own text structures  Teach students simple ways to expand their ideas into detailed, rich essays  Additional ideas for how to use the lessons, a complete collection of text structures, craft lessons on revision, and a list of conversation strategies are also included. Put Text Structures From Fairy Tales to work in your classroom and soon your students will be writing happily ever after.   
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