Tales from the Therapy Room

Phil Lapworth · ISBN 9781446245323
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Publisher SAGE Publications, Ltd. (UK)
Author(s) Phil Lapworth
Published 01132011
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These ten fictional short stories give students of counselling and psychotherapy a unique insight into what actually goes on in therapy. Exploring aspects of the client-therapist relationship, the reader is given a fly-on-the-wall view of the therapeutic process. Rather than suggesting a ′correct′ approach, they explore possibilities and provide entertaining, vivid and thought-provoking descriptions of the therapeutic journey. Issues explored include: - contracting - boundaries and confrontation - self-disclosure on the part of the therapist - dream interpretation - the influence of the consulting room environment - conflicting belief systems. These are much more than just engaging stories - Phil Lapworth draws on over 25 years of clinical experience to show how the student can integrate theory into real practice with real clients. The final chapter explicitly highlights the specific theories, models and issues that are illustrated throughout and provides questions, learning objectives, exercises and further reading to encourage critical thinking. A door into the often-hidden perspective of what a therapist might think and feel within the therapy session, this ′shrink-wrapped′ resource will be treasured by counselling and psychotherapy trainees and practitioners for years to come. Reader Responses to Tales from the Therapy Room: ′Delightful, moving stories, recounted with pith and wit′ ′What a little gem this book is. Each short story distinct, crisp and unpredictable′ ′A delightful, thoughtful and often funny peek into an imaginary therapy room′ ′I′m limiting myself to 1 tale a night, so that I can savour it a bit longer′ ′These tales have something of a detective story about them...unnerving and compelling at the same time like a good thriller, with a wonderful twist in the end′ ′Beautifully constructed and lightly executed′ ′Distinct, crisp and unpredictable… I came to believe that even the author was surprised by what came next′ ′I found this book un-put-down-able and re-read several of the stories′ ′Phil Lapworth seems to have invented a new genre of his own. Each story is a little jewel, and I had to keep reminding myself that they were fictional′ ′He has caught the poignancy of human vulnerability as well as its absurdity and humour′ ′These stories stand undeniably on their own as surprising and delightful duets of the psychotherapeutic relationship, often concluding with a wry and humorous twist, always entertaining and warm-hearted. We look forward to reading more such tales′
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