Taking Religion Seriously Across the Curriculum

Warren A. Nord; Charles C. Haynes   ·  ISBN 9781416612568
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Publisher Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)
Author(s) Warren A. Nord; Charles C. Haynes
Published 08151998
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The authors chart a middle course in our war over religion and public education, one that builds on a developing national consensus among educational and religious leaders. While it is not proper for schools to practice religion or proselytize, neither is it permissible to make them religion-free zones. Schools do not take religion seriously, as the authors' review of textbooks and the new national content standards makes clear. In Part One, they outline the civic, constitutional, and educational frameworks that should shape the treatment of religion in the curriculum and classroom.

In Part Two, they explore major issues relating to religion in different domains of the curriculum in elementary education and in middle and high school courses in history, civics, economics, literature, and the sciences. They also discuss Bible courses and world religions courses and explore the relationship of religion to moral education and sex education.

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