Statistical Persuasion

Robert W. Pearson   ·  ISBN 9781483389486
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Publisher SAGE Publications, Inc. (US)
Author(s) Robert W. Pearson
Published 01202010
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Click on the Supplements tab above for further details on the different versions of SPSS programs. "A number of my students commended the readability of the book....It is truly one of a kind in the most excellent way." -Elsie Szecsy, Arizona State University This textbook focuses attention on the conceptual understanding of statistics, the signposts of (in)appropriate research design and quality measurement, the selection of the right statistical tools under different conditions, and the presentation of substantive and technical results. Key Features Illustrates statistical and graphical procedures in SPSS and Excel through step-by-step instructions for the analysis of real-world examples and data problems in education, crime, government performance, and program evaluation Clearly demonstrates the importance of sound research designs and measurement as well as appropriate statistical procedures Shows how to make persuasive as well as principled statistical arguments and presentations to nonacademic audiences Embeds statistical analysis within a political framework, thus alerting students to the temptation to distort data and its interpretation, the limits of dispassionate analysis, and the conditions under which sound analysis can inform decisions Instructors interested in this title can learn more about Robert Pearson and his book by viewing his YouTube video at Accompanied by robust ancillaries The Password-Protected Instructor Teaching Site at offers sample syllabi; an instructor′s manual; PowerPoint lecture slides, test questions and answer keys for each chapter and a final comprehensive examination, solution sets to lab exercises, and handouts for students. The Student Study Site at offers a student workbook that includes exercises, essay assignments, and sample data sets. Video lectures concerning key concepts are also available on YouTube.  
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