Solution-Focused Supervision

Frank N. Thomas   ·  ISBN 9781461460527
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Publisher Springer Nature
Author(s) Frank N. Thomas
Published 01052013
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​ ​ New data have come to light through the Solution Focused Brief Therapy Association Archive (hereafter, the Archive).  This information is drawn from manuscripts and video featuring one of the SF founders, Insoo Kim Berg, MSW.  Archive video examples of Ms. Berg conducting supervision, therapy teams, and case consultation as well as unpublished manuscripts written by her provide unique opportunities to illustrate specific assumptions and techniques rarely seen before.  The documents outline Ms. Berg’s philosophy, assumptions, and techniques to conduct supervision, and the videos offer in vivo examples of her supervision and team/case consultation style.  Together, the Archive materials offer a rich resource for a book that both informs and illustrates SFS​.
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