Society and Social Change in 21st Century Europe

Colin Crouch   ·  ISBN 9781137277824
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Publisher Bloomsbury UK
Author(s) Colin Crouch
Published 06292016
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This is the definitive textbook on European societies and the changes the continent has experienced in the social sphere during this century. This text is the only single-authored text covering this topic, offering a holistic yet nuanced understanding of the nature of European society and its dynamic nature. Colin Crouch draws on 40 years' experience as a researcher on European societies to explore this diversity across such key areas of life as patterns of birth and death, family, gender, migration, religion, conflict, economy and inequality. Crouch uses an astonishing wealth of empirical data to analyse how European society functions on national, international and continental levels with various state and non-state actors. Through this approach, and by recognising and accounting for the fluidity of society, and enduring influences such as globalisation and security threats, Crouch offers an important contribution to the study of Europe, and a pioneering methodology for the study of social class.  This text is an essential for those wishing to be up-to-date in both the topic and the practise of scholarship. This text was designed for upper-undergraduates and postgraduates covering European Society, the Politics and/or Sociology of Europe. It will also benefit all readers studying social class to familiarise themselves with Crouch's innovative methodology and analysis.
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