Single Father, Better Dad

Mark Tucker   ·  ISBN 9780987609687
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Publisher Ebook Alchemy PTY Ltd
Author(s) Mark Tucker
Published 09012014
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A must-read for any man going through the pain of divorce or bringing up their children as a single father. When Mark Tucker's marriage ended suddenly he feared that his life would fall apart. His family as he knew it would never be the same... he became the prime parent of his two daughters. Searching for books to help him through his trauma he found nothing. So he wrote one himself. What happens to Tucker is surprising and uplifting: through the darkness and despair of divorce he finds a strength in himself he didn't know he had. He becomes a better Dad and embraces life in ways he never thought possible. This is a moving, insightful and often hilarious book. It approaches a difficult subject from a practical and also entertaining way.
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