Short on Time

William Sterrett   ·  ISBN 9781416618188
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Publisher Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)
Author(s) William Sterrett
Published 10222013
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There's never enough time. Sound familiar? This might be the most common lament voiced by school principals today. How can we find time to meet students' and teachers' needs, foster ingenuity and innovation, and apply best practices when so much is demanding our attention right this minute?

School leadership expert and former principal William Sterrett comes to the rescue with practical advice on how principals can make the most of their time to achieve real success. Learn how to

* Balance district, instructional, school, and community events and responsibilities.

* Communicate about the work of the school in timely, innovative ways.

* Maximize instructional time by making smart use of transitions and recruiting teachers to build the school schedule.

* Cultivate professional growth by running effective, efficient faculty and PLC meetings and promoting collegial learning through peer observations and collaborative partnerships.

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