Securing Office 365

Matthew Katzer   ·  ISBN 9781484242308
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Publisher Springer Nature
Author(s) Matthew Katzer
Published 01242019
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Understand common security pitfalls and discover weak points in your organization’s data security, and what you can do to combat them. This book includes the best approaches to managing mobile devices both on your local network and outside the office. Data breaches, compliance fines,  and distribution  of personally identifiable information (PII) without encryption or safeguards place businesses of all types at risk. In today’s electronic world, you must have a secure digital footprint that is based on business processes that are designed to protect information. This book is written for business owners, chief information security officers (CISO), and IT managers who want to securely configure Office 365.  You will follow the Microsoft cybersecurity road map through a progressive tutorial on how to configure the security  services in Office 365 to protect and manage your business. What You’ll Learn Manage security with the Azure Security Center and the Office 365 Compliance Center Configure information protection for document and electronic communications Monitor security for your business in the cloud Understand Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) Prevent data loss in Office 365 Configure and manage the compliance manager tools for NIST and GDPR Who This Book Is For IT managers and compliance and cybersecurity officers who have responsibility for compliance and data security in their business
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