School Climate Change

Sean Slade Peter DeWitt   ·  ISBN 9781416619550
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Publisher Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)
Author(s) Sean Slade Peter DeWitt
Published 09082014
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Students and educators today face obstacles to student achievement, well-being, and success that are above and beyond traditional instructional and assessment concerns. From low school morale to bullying to shootings, school climate has become a national and global concern.

Research overwhelmingly indicates that a positive school climate promotes cooperative learning, group cohesion, respect, and mutual trust—all of which have in turn been shown to improve the learning environment. In short, a positive school climate is directly related to improved academic achievement at all levels of schooling.

In this ASCD Arias book, Peter DeWitt and Sean Slade explain the most important aspects of school climate and how we can make positive changes in our schools. Readers will learn

* How to engage students and school stakeholders.

* How to empower staff and students and foster autonomy so people take ownership of their ideas and the learning process.

* How to promote inclusivity and equity throughout the school.

* How to create a welcoming, cooperative, and safe school environment that nurtures students’ social-emotional needs.

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