Restatement of Labour Law in Europe

Bernd Waas; Guus Heerma van Voss   ·  ISBN 9781509912421
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Publisher Bloomsbury UK
Author(s) Bernd Waas; Guus Heerma van Voss
Published 07272017
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The concept of 'employee' is arguably the most important one in labour law, defining, as it does, the scope of the discipline as a whole. This important new publication aims to develop a restatement of the concept of the employee in European labour law. The study identifies both problems and solutions that have emerged, clearly setting out comparisons between the different member states' approaches. The country reports explore both statutes and case law, tracking their contribution to legal doctrine. The objective of the restatement is to increase knowledge and gain a better understanding of one of the most crucial aspects of European labour law. Assistant Editors: - Marta Otto - Effrosyni Bakirtzi
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