Principal Evaluation

James H. Stronge; Xianxuan Xu; Lauri Leeper; Virginia Tonneson   ·  ISBN 9781416615613
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Publisher Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)
Author(s) James H. Stronge; Xianxuan Xu; Lauri Leeper; Virginia Tonneson
Published 03112013
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Effective principals run effective schools--this much we know. Accurately measuring principal effectiveness, however, has long been an elusive goal for school administrators. In this indispensable book, author James H. Stronge details the steps and resources necessary for designing a comprehensive principal evaluation system that is based on sound research and established best practices. Here you'll find everything you need to thoroughly assess principal performance, including

* An in-depth analysis of research findings related to principal evaluation.

* A set of seven field-tested and research-based principal performance standards.

* Detailed indicators for each standard that describe the principal's duties and expected level of performance.

* A four-point performance appraisal rubric for each standard.

* Forms and checklists for use in compiling evidence of performance and completing evaluations.

* A step-by-step guide to planning, designing, implementing, and troubleshooting a successful evaluation system.

If there's a new principal evaluation system rolling out in your school or district, or if your administration is planning to build one, Principal Evaluation: Standards, Rubrics, and Tools for Effective Performance is essential for ensuring that the system is accurate, fair, and effective.

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