Primary Mathematics for Trainee Teachers

Marcus Witt   ·  ISBN 9781473908307
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Publisher SAGE Publications, Ltd. (UK)
Author(s) Marcus Witt
Published 11192014
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With chapter sequencing following the new Curriculum, this book supports trainee Primary school teachers to make use of the opportunities presented in the new National Curriculum for effective and engaging Mathematics teaching.  Covering all of the areas of the new Curriculum for primary mathematics and offering insight into effective teaching, this book helps students connect what they need to teach with how it can be taught.  Exploring opportunities in the new curriculum for creative and imaginative teaching, it shows readers how to capitalize on opportunities to develop children′s reasoning and problem solving skills.  It explores how to make links between mathematics and children′s lived experiences to enhance their learning and enables trainees to develop an ability to plan with discernment,  making the most of existing thinking and research as well as building confidence in adapting and customizing ideas. Includes the full National Curriculum Programme of Study for Maths, key stages 1 and 2 as a useful reference for trainee teachers. Other books in this series include: and Primary English for Trainee Teachers
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