Performance Analysis of Closed Queueing Networks

Svenja Lagershausen   ·  ISBN 9783642322143
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Publisher Springer Nature
Author(s) Svenja Lagershausen
Published 10242012
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This book deals with the performance analysis of closed queueing networks with general processing times and finite buffer spaces. It offers a detailed introduction to the problem and a comprehensive literature review. Two approaches to the performance of closed queueing networks are presented. One is an approximate decomposition approach, while the second is the first exact approach for finite-capacity networks with general processing times. In this Markov chain approach, queueing networks are analyzed by modeling the entire system as one Markov chain. As this approach is exact, it is well-suited both as a reference quantity for approximate procedures and as extension to other queueing networks. Moreover, for the first time, the exact distribution of the time between processing starts is provided.
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