Panthers & the Museum of Fire

Jen Craig   ·  ISBN 9781925052152
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Publisher Ebook Alchemy PTY Ltd
Author(s) Jen Craig
Published 02012016
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Panthers and the Museum of Fire is a novella about walking, memory and writing. The narrator walks from Glebe to a central Sydney cafe to return a manuscript by a recently-dead writer. While she walks, the reader enters the narrator's entire world: life with family and neighbours, narrow misses with cars, her singular friendships, dinner conversations and work. We learn of her adolescent desire for maturity and acceptance through a brush with religion, her anorexia, the exercise of that power when she was powerless in every other aspect of her life.

'It is not too much of a stretch to compare Jen Craig's work with the otherwise incomparable WG Sebald.' - Debra Adelaide

'...the reader is made aware at once that Craig is a writer of great skill.' - Kerryn Goldsworthy

Jen Craig's short stories have appeared in various Australian literary magazines. She collaborated with composers of the chamber opera, A Dictionary of Maladies, in Switzerland in 2005.
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