Modular Forms: A Classical And Computational Introduction (2nd Edition)

Lloyd James Peter Kilford · ISBN 9781783265473
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Publisher World Scientific Publishing
Author(s) Lloyd James Peter Kilford
Published 03122015
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Modular Forms is a graduate student-level introduction to the classical theory of modular forms and computations involving modular forms, including modular functions and the theory of Hecke operators. It also includes applications of modular forms to various subjects, such as the theory of quadratic forms, the proof of Fermat's Last Theorem and the approximation of π. The text gives a balanced overview of both the theoretical and computational sides of its subject, allowing a variety of courses to be taught from it.This second edition has been revised and updated. New material on the future of modular forms as well as a chapter about longer-form projects for students has also been added.
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