Mission Alert: Viper Attack

Benjamin Hulme-Cross   ·  ISBN 9781472929617
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Publisher Bloomsbury UK
Author(s) Benjamin Hulme-Cross
Published 03092017
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When the only way to get at a target is by using a child, MI5 bring in special agents Tom and Zilla to help. When the son of a scientist is threatened by the Viper gang's kidnapping plot, Tom and Zilla must act as his bodyguards - without letting him know. Can they stop the Vipers' attack? Bloomsbury High Low books encourage and support reading practice by providing gripping, age-appropriate stories for struggling and reluctant readers, those with dyslexia, or those with English as an additional language. Printed on tinted paper and with a dyslexia friendly font, Mission Alert is aimed at readers aged 8 and has a manageable length (72 pages) and reading age (7 ). This collection of stories can be read in any order. Produced in association with reading experts at Catch Up, a charity which aims to address underachievement caused by literacy and numeracy difficulties.
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