Mastering the Clinical Conversation

Matthieu Villatte; Jennifer L. Villatte; Steven C. Hayes   ·  ISBN 9781462523078
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Publisher Guilford Publications, Inc.
Author(s) Matthieu Villatte; Jennifer L. Villatte; Steven C. Hayes
Published 10212015
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This compelling book provides psychotherapists with evidence-based strategies for harnessing the power of language to free clients from life-constricting patterns and promote psychological flourishing. Grounded in relational frame theory (RFT), the volume shares innovative ways to enhance assessment and intervention using specific kinds of clinical conversations. Techniques are demonstrated for activating and shaping behavior change, building a flexible sense of self, fostering meaning and motivation, creating powerful experiential metaphors, and strengthening the therapeutic relationship. User-friendly features include more than 80 clinical vignettes with commentary by the authors, plus a "Quick Guide to Using RFT in Psychotherapy" filled with sample phrases and questions to ask.
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