Susan Berran   ·  ISBN 9780987295934
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Publisher Ebook Alchemy PTY Ltd
Author(s) Susan Berran
Published 07012012
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Another extremely gross Agnath adventure ... you just have to read about this!

Sam and Jared's lives are in chaos once again. Why would the cute, cuddly, spoilt pets that get to lay around all day and have their food slopped out right in front of them purposely want to get their masters into trouble? Were they evil, stupid ... were they even from this world?

"Oooh Crap!! Fluff Butt just pooped right in the middle of the lounge room rug! ... a week's worth of Chunky Beef Tongue with Vegetables, Chicken Liver in Noodles, Lambs Brain in Gravy ... all mooshed together, dissolving and rotting in the gastric juices of the dog's stomach. All deposited at once in a huge greeny browny yellowish dump!" …
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