Liberating Inner Eve

Bozena Zawisz   ·  ISBN 9781725270794
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Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers
Author(s) Bozena Zawisz
Published 05272020
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Liberating Inner Eve: From Constraints of Historic Conditioning to Boundless Personal Power--A Christian Woman's Guidebook addresses the most commonly encountered social and historic challenges that constrain women's experience of personal power, against the background of an empowering exploration of the Genesis account of Adam and Eve. This book offers a fresh perspective on themes that are relevant to women's everyday lives and Christian identity, such as how they experience their self-worth, relationships, or life's purpose.
Each chapter's exercises and reflections guide readers in realizing greater self-love and personal power.
λExplore your perception of a Christian woman's identity
λLearn empowering coping strategies
λRedefine your relationship with your body
λApply Christian examples of mindfulness to your everyday life
λTransform personal/social/historic restrictions that impact your self-esteem
Liberate your inner Eve today!
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