Kielhofner's Research in Occupational Therapy

Renee R Taylor   ·  ISBN 9780803642164
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Publisher F. A. Davis Company
Author(s) Renee R Taylor
Published 01052017
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With an international team of expert contributors, Renee Taylor carries on Gary Kielhofner’s innovative work in the 2nd Edition of his comprehensive research methodologies text. This guide bridges the gap between theorists and practitioners. It focuses on the relevance and logic of research to provide a practical, demystified approach to conducting applied research in the field for graduate students and clinicians. You’ll begin with an introduction to the nature and scope of research and its place in OT and then explore research designs, measurements, and statistical analysis for qualitative, quantitative, and mixed studies. You’ll examine the steps and procedures required to conduct research and how research can be used to shape professional practice and improve patient care.
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