Kesher: A Journal of Messianic Judaism

Andrew D. Sparks   ·  ISBN 9781498276672
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Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers
Author(s) Andrew D. Sparks
Published 09012009
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Messianic Jewish Theological Institute

"Teaching and Living a Vision of Jewish Life Renewed in Yeshua"

Messianic Jewish Theological Institute (MJTI) seeks to be:

- a prophetic sign of Israel's destiny by exemplifying and advancing Jewish life renewed in Yeshua;

- a Messianic Jewish school rooted in a contemporary Jewish experience of Yeshua and a Messianic interpretation of Judaism;

- a vision center for the Messianic Jewish community;

- a dialogue center for theological encounter between faithful Christians and Jews; and

- an international learning community born in the Diaspora but oriented to Israel.

Messianic Jewish Theological Institute
P.O. Box 54410 Los Angeles, CA 90054-0410
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