Intermediate Epidemiology

Manya Magnus   ·  ISBN 9781284089554
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Publisher Jones & Bartlett Learning
Author(s) Manya Magnus
Published 09162014
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This text provides masters-level public health students with a solid foundation in the epidemiologic methods necessary at the intermediate level. Uniquely light on jargon, the book uses a self-learning approach, with exercises embedded in each page to reinforce concepts and application. The book creates a bridge from student to professional with lively descriptions of career paths for the MPH-level epidemiologist. Complete chapters on program evaluation and implementation and analysis of studies are also provided.

Key Features:
• Examines the methodological skill set unique to epidemiology at an intermediate level.
• Provides practice problems, case studies, discussion sections, and datasets in which to practice the
methods learned.
• Offers boxed examples from sources such as peer reviewed literature, governmental resources, and lay sources.
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