Intelligent Decision Technologies 2018

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Publisher Springer Nature
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Published 05302018
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This book gathers the proceedings of the KES-IDT-2018 conference, held in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, on June 20–22, 2018 The conference provided opportunities to present and discuss the latest research results, promoting knowledge transfer and the generation of new ideas in the field of intelligent decision-making.  The range of topics explored is wide, and includes methods for decision-making, decision support, data analysis, modeling and many more in areas such as finance, economics, management, engineering and transportation.   The book contains several sections devoted to specific topics, such as:  ·         Decision-Making Theory for Economics  ·         Advances in Knowledge-based Statistical Data Analysis  ·         On Knowledge-Based Digital Ecosystems & Technologies for Smart and Intelligent Decision Support Systems  ·         Soft Computing Models in Industrial and Management Engineering  ·         Computational Media Computing and its Applications  ·         Intelligent Decision-Making Technologies  ·         Digital Architectures and Decision Management
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