Haunts of Old Louisville

David Dominé   ·  ISBN 9780813174518
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Publisher Open Road Integrated Media, Inc.
Author(s) David Dominé
Published 08112017
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The paranormal investigator and author of Phantoms of Old Louisville explores haunted historic mansions, churches, and more. The Louisville, Kentucky, neighborhood known as Old Louisville is one of the country’s largest National Preservation Districts and the largest Victorian-era neighborhood in the country. Beneath the balconies and terraces of the district's Gothic, Queen Anne, and Beaux Arts mansions, current residents trade stories about the strange and unexplained phenomena they encounter in their historic homes. When David Dominé moved into one of these houses, he dismissed local rumors of a resident poltergeist named Lucy. But soon, disembodied footsteps and mysterious odors changed his mind. Now Dominé is one of Louisville’s best-known investigators of paranormal phenomena. In Haunts of Old Louisville, Dominé takes readers inside the opulent Ferguson Mansion—where a phantom tosses books off shelves—and introduces them to the spectral stable hand who lurks around Campion House. He also examines historic tales pulled out of the headlines and even explores the claim that a winged demon haunts the ornate towers of Walnut Street Baptist Church.
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