Happy Without the Meal

William J. Elenchin   ·  ISBN 9781630870638
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Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers
Author(s) William J. Elenchin
Published 11012013
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Perhaps without realizing it, we now find ourselves living in a unique time compared to all of human history. No generation has ever had such an abundance of material goods at their fingertips. Food, transportation, communication, and all kinds of entertainment flood a saturated marketplace, every one promising to make us "happy." Yet in the midst of such plenty many people are experiencing distress and a growing sense of sadness--in spite of all their possessions.

Material and technological progress is a great thing, but one that has had the unintended consequence of being confused with human progress. The pursuit of the "goods life" has been confused with seeking a good life. Fortunately, wisdom gleaned from both faith and the social sciences points toward the same true north regarding principles that lead to a life of well-being.

Happy Without the Meal is for all who are interesting in understanding the historical, educational, and marketing forces that have lead to the cultural confusion over what makes for a happy life, and for all who want to rediscover the nature of simple ways of living flourishing lives.
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