Finance: A Quantitative Introduction

Lucia Piotr; Staszkiewicz Staszkiewicz   ·  ISBN 9780128027974
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Publisher Elsevier S & T
Author(s) Lucia Piotr; Staszkiewicz Staszkiewicz
Published December 2014
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Many students want an introduction to finance. Those who are quantitatively-oriented learners can benefit in particular from an introduction that puts more emphasis on mathematics and graphical presentations than on verbal descriptions. By illustrating core finance facts and concepts through equations and graphical material, Finance: A Quantitative Introduction can help people studying business management, marketing, accounting, and other subjects. By using few lengthy verbal explanations and many illustrations, it can teach readers quickly and efficiently.

  • Chapter-concluding questions (with answers) and case studies enhance its utility as a textbook and a reference
  • Mixture of theory and problem-solving contains enough mathematical tools to help readers assess facts and evaluate real data in practical tasks
  • Short, simple presentation is perfect for non-native English speakers
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