Fighting Ranger

Corba Sunman   ·  ISBN 9780719821448
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Publisher Faber Factory
Author(s) Corba Sunman
Published 07312016
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Travis Logan – a Texas Ranger – is heading for Alder Creek when big trouble comes over a ridge, in the shape of a woman being chased by two killers. The woman is fortunate to run into him, he is probably the only man in the county who can, and would, help her. Pledged to fight lawlessness and help those who need it, Logan goes into action, and is engulfed by the trouble he searches out. The odds are greatly stacked against him, and when hot lead starts flying, they won’t improve until Logan untangles a web of deceit, and stamps his particular brand of law and order on the greedy, callous men who stand against him with flaming guns ….
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