Faith and Foreign Policy

Stephen R. Rock · ISBN 9781441113221
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Publisher Bloomsbury USA
Author(s) Stephen R. Rock
Published 04212011
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Faith and Foreign Policy identifies and explains significant differences; along with some similarities; in the attitudes and preferences among Roman Catholics; Evangelical Protestants; and Mainline Protestants in the following foreign policy areas: national security and use of force; human rights; the Middle East; international law and organizations; and protection of the global environment. It locates the sources of these differences primarily in doctrinal and cultural/historical factors; including beliefs about the nature of God; the nature of evil and of Satan; eschatology; the humanenvironment relationship; the proper role of government; the validity (or lack thereof) of other religions; the relationship of God to the United States; and discipleship and mission.

The book highlights how religious leaders; organizations; and believers can influence and have; through a variety of mechanisms; influenced the general direction of U.S. foreign policy and specific policy decisions. It provides a unique perspective to the understanding of U.S. behavior and policies by helping to comprehend the origins and diversity of these Christian groups’ attitudes and preferences.
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