Efficiency Enhanced DC-DC Converter Using Dynamic Inductor Control

Omar Abu Mohareb   ·  ISBN 9783658251475
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Publisher Springer Nature
Author(s) Omar Abu Mohareb
Published 01252019
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Omar Abu Mohareb proposes a novel dynamic inductor control (DIC) that can be generally applied to various DC‑DC converter types. The aim is to improve the converter efficiency throughout controlling the inductance value at all operating points without consequential complexity or increase in the inductor cost and size. The dynamic inductor control implies the maximum energy transfer (MET) concept to improve the DC‑DC converter efficiency and preserve a fast system dynamics against load changes at the same time. About the Author: Omar Abu Mohareb has earned his doctoral degree in Automotive Mechatronics Engineering from University of Stuttgart. He is now active in electromobility field and its efficient and smart infrastructure concepts. He has also earned his first patent on the proposed dynamic inductor control (DIC) concept.
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