Economic Analysis of the Rules and Regulations of the World Trade Organization

Kamal Saggi   ·  ISBN 9789813233065
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Publisher World Scientific Publishing
Author(s) Kamal Saggi
Published 09142018
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This volume collects 21 papers on the following topics: non-discrimination in the multilateral trading system; preferential trade agreements and multilateral trade liberalization; sustaining international tariff cooperation; and case-studies of WTO disputes.

  • Non-Discrimination in the Multilateral Trading System:
    • Tariffs and the Most Favored Nation Clause (Kamal Saggi)
    • An Analysis of the MFN Clause under Asymmetries of Cost and Market Structure (Kamal Saggi and Halis Murat Yildiz)
    • National Treatment at the WTO: The Roles of Product and Country Heterogeneity (Kamal Saggi and Nese Sara)
    • On the Emergence of an MFN Club: Equal Treatment in an Unequal World (Kamal Saggi and Faruk Sengul)
    • Is There a Case for Non-Discrimination in the International Protection of Intellectual Property? (Difei Geng and Kamal Saggi)
  • Preferential Trade Agreements and Multilateral Trade Liberalization:
    • Preferential Trade Agreements and Multilateral Tariff Cooperation (Kamal Saggi)
    • Bilateralism, Multilateralism, and the Quest for Global Free Trade (Kamal Saggi and Halis Murat Yildiz)
    • Bilateral Trade Agreements and the Feasibility of Multilateral Free Trade (Kamal Saggi and Halis Murat Yildiz)
    • On the Relationship between Preferential and Multilateral Trade Liberalization: The Case of Customs Unions (Kamal Saggi, Alan Woodland, and Halis Murat Yildiz)
    • External Trade Diversion, Exclusive Incentives, and the Nature of Preferential Trade Agreements (Paul Missios, Kamal Saggi, and Halis Murat Yildiz)
    • Do Free Trade Agreements Affect Tariffs of Nonmember Countries? A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation (Kamal Saggi, Andrey Stoyanov, and Halis Murat Yildiz)
  • Sustaining International Tariff Cooperation:
    • Tariff Bindings and Bilateral Cooperation on Export Cartels (Bernard Hoekman and Kamal Saggi)
    • Tariff Retaliation versus Financial Compensation in the Enforcement of International Trade Agreements (Nuno Limão and Kamal Saggi)
    • The MFN Clause, Welfare, and Multilateral Cooperation between Countries of Unequal Size (Kamal Saggi)
    • India at the WTO: From Uruguay Round to Doha and Beyond (Kamal Saggi)
    • Size Inequality, Coordination Externalities and International Trade Agreements (Nuno Limão and Kamal Saggi)
  • Case-studies of WTO Disputes:
    • Incomplete Harmonization Contracts in International Economic Law: Report of the Panel, China — Measures Affecting the Protection and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights, WT/DS362/R, adopted 20 March 2009 (Kamal Saggi and Joel P Trachtman)
    • Yet Another Nail in the Coffin of Zeroing: United States — Anti-Dumping Administrative Reviews and Other Measures Related to Imports of Certain Orange Juice from Brazil (Kamal Saggi and Mark Wu)
    • What is Not so Cool about US–COOL Regulations? A Critical Analysis of the Appellate Body's Ruling on US–COOL (Petros C Mavroidis and Kamal Saggi)
    • Understanding Agricultural Price Range Systems as Trade Restraints: Peru–Agricultural Products (Kamal Saggi and Mark Wu)
    • Trade and Agricultural Disease: Import Restrictions in the Wake of the India–Agricultural Products Dispute (Kamal Saggi and Mark Wu)

Readership: Advanced undergraduate and postgraduates taking advance classes in international trade and economic development.
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