Divorce and Remarriage

Tom Roberts   ·  ISBN 9781498244152
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Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers
Author(s) Tom Roberts
Published 03222018
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From the birth of Christianity and with the Christian churches' separation from Judaism, a tragic misunderstanding of marriage and divorce has occurred. Not only have we lost the understanding of biblical marriage counsel and wisdom, we have also lost the process of marriage and its biblical allowances for separation of man and wife under certain conditions. Christianity often fails to understand the biblical practice of marriage, as well as divorce and remarriage. Our Lord employed rabbinic teaching to uplift the status of women in his temple discourses with Jewish sects, such as the Sadducees and many groups of Pharisees. Unless we understand the Semitic discussion within those groups and properly translate Our Lord's response to these questions, his teaching is held in tension with that of the epistles of Paul. Jesus and Paul are dealing with different case studies together with different communities of faiths, which affects how we should interpret the general message contained in the text. These misinterpretations of this vital information have needlessly ruined the lives of many innocent victims. It is long overdue for the Christian Church to reevaluate her response to this growing problem. There is a blessing for those who will receive this teaching.
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