Disquiet Heart

Randall Silvis   ·  ISBN 9781492639800
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Publisher Sourcebooks
Author(s) Randall Silvis
Published 02072017
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"A master storyteller." — New York Times Book Review Pittsburgh, 1847: A cholera epidemic rages, and young women are disappearing... Poe is devastated by the death of his beloved wife and travels to Pittsburgh for a change of scenery, reuniting with Augie Dubbins, now a young man in search of adventure. Upon their arrival in Pittsburgh, Augie and Poe discover that several young women have disappeared over the past six months, adding to the unease caused by a recent cholera epidemic. Poe and Augie traverse the gritty city in hopes of discovering the whereabouts of these women, and their captor. Additional Praise for Disquiet Heart: "Moody, emotionally tortured, and convincingly atmospheric, (Disquiet Heart provides) a graphically described descent into Poe's opiate addictions."—Kirkus Reviews
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