Digital Manifesto

Francois Zielemans   ·  ISBN 9781604277937
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Publisher J. Ross Publishing
Author(s) Francois Zielemans
Published January 2018
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Business and IT executives are increasingly working side-by-side in an effort to strengthen their company's strategic advantages, capture new markets that are often digital, and realize value from disruptive technologies. Many professionals responsible for defining and executingIT strategy are being continuously pressured to digitize their company's business model and become more agile, innovative, and pro-active, yet they lack the knowledge and guidance to achieve results.
This powerful guide from IT executive and digitalization consultant Francois Zielemans provides a set of principles and practices that will help executives connect business and IT teams by adopting a shared belief system and business model, converge or even fuse business and technology life cycles, and increase the agility and effectiveness of the entire digital value chain. Digital Manifesto provides a road map for turning potential value into realized value.
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