Creativity and the Performing Artist

Paula Thomson; S. Victoria Jaque   ·  ISBN 9780128041086
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Publisher Elsevier S & T
Author(s) Paula Thomson; S. Victoria Jaque
Published 12302016
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Creativity and the Performing Artist: Behind the Mask synthesizes and integrates research in the field of creativity and the performing arts. Within the performing arts there are multiple specific domains of expertise, with domain-specific demands.  This book examines the psychological nature of creativity in the performing arts.  The book is organized into five sections.  Section I discusses different forms of performing arts, the domains and talents of performers, and the experience of creativity within performing artists.  Section II explores the neurobiology of physiology of creativity and flow.  Section III covers the developmental trajectory of performing artists, including early attachment, parenting, play theories, personality, motivation, and training.  Section IV examines emotional regulation and psychopathology in performing artists.  Section V closes with issues of burnout, injury, and rehabilitation in performing artists.

  • Discusses domain specificity within the performing arts
  • Encompasses dance, theatre, music, and comedy performance art
  • Reviews the biology behind performance, from thinking to movement
  • Identifies how an artist develops over time, from childhood through adult training
  • Summarizes the effect of personality, mood, and psychopathology on performance
  • Explores career concerns of performing artists, from injury to burn out
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