Contextual Theology

Paul Duane Matheny   ·  ISBN 9780227901045
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Publisher ISD LLC
Author(s) Paul Duane Matheny
Published 07262012
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For centuries, the global understanding of Church has been shaped by Western theological imperatives. Yet today, the decline of institutional religion in the West, and the extraordinary growth of the Church of the global South mean that a radical movement beyond such theologies is required. Paul Matheny argues that the Church would benefit by becoming more contextualized and less Western. Contextual Theology is an attempt to address that issue and to examine how a reassessment of the relationship of the Gospel to cultural context can advance this critical and necessary development. Through an accessible and critical approach, Matheny considers the historical background to contextual theology. In the same way, he aims to show how to use contextual methodsto think theologically and act missiologically in different cultural contexts.
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