Confessions of a Rabbi

Jonathan Romain   ·  ISBN 9781785902406
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Publisher Faber Factory
Author(s) Jonathan Romain
Published 03072017
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The secrets of the confessional are too important to be kept secret, and Jonathan Romain shares them all in this rollercoaster of crises, emotional traumas, moral dilemmas, attempts at seduction, multiple murders, machiavellian families, hijacked weddings, catastrophic funerals and a maze of other people's sexual fantasies. Rabbi Romain's previous careers - as a radio agony uncle, prison chaplain, postman and nightclub bouncer - have helped him navigate the human jungle, and now he takes us with him on a remarkable journey spiced with wit and wisdom. Revealing the extraordinary stories of ordinary people, Confessions of a Rabbi is a candid, poignant and often hilarious insight into the human condition.
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