Complementarian Spirituality

Natalie Brand   ·  ISBN 9781630870096
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Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers
Author(s) Natalie Brand
Published 10092013
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In this work Dr. Brand seeks to contribute a unique complementarian expression of Reformed spirituality, in order to stimulate a spiritual renewal in the contemporary Reformed tradition. Using a distinctively feminine approach, in a theological arena largely monopolized by male theologians, the author anchors corporate and personal spirituality upon the unio mystica, so returning to a Calvinistic appreciation of the Christian life.

Grounding Reformed spirituality on the "marital union" between Christ and the church, a corporate portrait of the church is explored. Critical of the neglect of women in Reformed church life and practice, the author calls the tradition to reform; proposing an intentional complementarian use of women that can practically and spiritually profit the whole church body. The book culminates with an initial tracing of a "Reformed feminine spirituality" which is pastorally relevant to women, as well as encouraging a renewed experiential enjoyment of Christ for both men and women.
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