Comparative Digital Copyright Law

Jie Qin Luis Javier Capote-Pérez Dóra Hajdú Péter Mezei   ·  ISBN 9781600425233
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Publisher Vandeplas Publishing LLC
Author(s) Jie Qin Luis Javier Capote-Pérez Dóra Hajdú Péter Mezei
Published August 2020
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In Comparative Digital Copyright Law, authors Péter Mezei, Dóra Hajdú, Luis Javier Capote-Pérez and Jie Qin address key aspects of copyright law in a digital age. The selected topics cover issues related to the existence and the exercise of copyrights related to various subject matters, especially focusing on software, audio and audio-visual contents. The textbook serves as a primary selection of leading European, American and Chinese case law related to software rights, communication to the public, P2P file-sharing, cultural preservation, exhaustion and sampling. This book is geared towards law students of European, American and Chinese universities, but it might also serve as a useful tool for researchers and practitioners to understand the core similarities and differences of the copyright law of the discussed jurisdictions. The authors also intend to provoke and encourage deeper thinking on these topics by various questions and notes, and to support comparative research by listing other leading case law and academic resources.
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