Communication in Mission and Development

Jim Harries   ·  ISBN 9781621896715
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Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers
Author(s) Jim Harries
Published 05082013
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Communication in Mission and Development identifies, unpacks, and articulates fundamental problems in communication in mission and development as it is being carried out in Africa and the majority world today. New technology, unique in the history of mankind, is throwing up vexing issues, to date barely recognized, in communication practice. This book reconsiders:
-Previous work by mission scholars on communication.
-Questions regarding materialism in Africa.
-Widespread understandings on the nature of human equality.
-The impact on communication of the holding of monistic vs. dualistic worldviews.
-African and Western approaches to hermeneutics.
-The use of European languages for communication in Africa.
-Issues related to globalization and development.
-And more . . .

Underlying differences in philosophical foundations amongst Western as against majority world people influences their respective communication to such an extent that the expectation that both sides simply understand one another because they happen to use the same international language is found to be unrealistic. Communication in Mission and Development concludes that the practice of mission and development will better cope with current realities when the use of local languages is once again given its proper decisive place.
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