Coaching in Professional Contexts

Christian van Nieuwerburgh   ·  ISBN 9781473942684
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Publisher SAGE Publications, Ltd. (UK)
Author(s) Christian van Nieuwerburgh
Published 11022015
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Have your students mastered the underlining theory and skills of coaching practice but wanting to get a flavour of what coaching actually looks like in different real-life settings?  Then you have come to the right place! Whether they are wanting to find out more about the use of coaching within the private or public sector, within health care or education, Christian van Nieuwerburgh and his team of expert authors will take them on a unique journey into all of these coaching contexts and beyond. Challenging the idea that a coach can work in any setting without a detailed understanding of the field, this book: addresses the importance of understanding professional context when coaching, exploring current debates and considering the hows and whys of using coaching in a certain context provides tools and knowledge to enable readers to adopt best practice techniques from a range of fields delves into the personal and professional challenges that will inevitably arise. Whether a practising coach or a coach in training, this practical guide will provide your students with the ideal ′way-in′ to all the different contexts in which they may wish to coach.
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